Dedication leads to success

Maximum effort yields maximum results


‘Duan She Li’ seminar in Shenzhen was an exciting event that piqued the interests of attendees for more seminars to be held in the future.

On the morning of Aug 4th,the World-class sundry management consultant, ‘Duan She Li’ Concept founder YAMASHITA HIDEKO from Japan gives a speech named’ Duan She […]


The awards ceremony for role models of “Six Principles” practice

As the learning and practice of “Kazuo Inamori’s Philosophy”, more and more colleagues are influenced by the spirit of “Kazuo Inamori Philosophy”. In order to […]


The activity of “Do Good Things and benefit people”—–the Visit to Long Gang Orphanage

In the afternoon of June 4th, 2016, the volunteering group of Horn Company came to Long Gang Orphanage to hold an aiding activity which aimed […]