Corporate Culture

Business Philosophy:

         Customer-centric, mutual creation and win-win

Hedgehog concept, focusing on the acoustics industry:

         The “Hedgehog Theory” originates from an ancient Greek fable: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” In the fable, the fox tries many ways to catch the hedgehog: ambushing, pouncing, playing dead, and so on, but every time, it ends up with a nose full of spines and fails. The fox can never learn from the hedgehog how to do one thing “perfectly”: protect itself.

         Philosopher Isaiah Berlin applied this fable to modern society in his 1953 essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” where he categorized people into two types: foxes and hedgehogs. He argued that foxes are cunning and pursue multiple goals and interests simultaneously. Due to their broad interests and varied strategies, their thinking is scattered, limiting their long-term achievements. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are slow and steady, often overlooked due to their quiet and low-key nature. Unlike foxes, hedgehogs “simplify” the world, focusing only on the one most important thing. This principle guides all their actions, helping them successfully defend against all enemies. – Jim Collins


         Providing Excellent Products and Services to the World


         Be a Trusted Partner for Our Customers


         Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Gratitude