1. Legal Operation: All employees sign a labor contract on the day of employment and enjoy the following benefits:

A、Purchase national statutory social insurance and housing fund for employees;

2. Compensation and Benefits: Based on employees’ willingness, employees receive overtime pay and performance bonuses for regular, weekend, and statutory holiday overtime as per policy. Hard work is well rewarded. Employees also enjoy various allowances: position allowance, high temperature allowance, housing allowance, communication allowance, transportation allowance, travel allowance, and free work clothes and labor protection supplies.

3. Other Benefits:

A. Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival: Distribute welfare items (zongzi, mooncakes) according to company standards;
B. Lantern Festival: Provide glutinous rice balls for employees staying in the company; 
C. Chinese New Year Festival: Arrange New Year’s Eve dumplings and a wonderful Spring Festival gala (with live grand prize draws and outstanding commendations) for employees staying in the factory during the holiday; 
D. International Women’s Day: Distribute welfare items to female employees according to company standards; 
E. To enrich employees’ leisure life, hold wonderful employee activities every month with rewards. 

4. Work Environment: The company implements humane management, creating a relaxed work and living environment for employees. We have the cleanest production site in the acoustics industry, and conduct regular physical examinations for employees in special positions every year.

5. In accordance with national regulations, we are entitled to various types of leave, including personal leave, sick leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, work injury leave, parental leave, statutory holidays, and breastfeeding leave. Leave benefits are implemented according to national standards. 

6. Employees who have served the company for a full year can apply for household registration according to the company’s policy. 

7. Employees who meet work requirements or demonstrate exceptional performance may be selected for external training, outdoor development, or even overseas training.