1. Law-abiding All employees recruited on the day of signing labor contracts , and enjoy the following treatment: A, for employees to buy the national statutory social insurance and hospital fund ; B, relief workers set up destitute , sick or poor relief staff ; C, employees and their families to set up relief funds will be extended to the employee’s immediate family love . 2 . Salaries and benefits Employees on a voluntary basis , employees usually work overtime , weekends , national holidays overtime to take the company to pay overtime and performance bonuses in accordance with policies and regulations , the hard work of the staff can be rewarded . And enjoy various types of subsidies : post allowance , high subsidies , housing subsidies , communications allowance, travel allowance , travel allowance and enjoy free overalls and labor supplies . 3 . other benefits : A. Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival : according to company standards issued welfare goods ( dumplings, moon cake ) , etc. ; B. Lantern : to stay in the company ‘s employees Lantern rice balls . C. Spring : Spring employees leaving the plant arrangement Eve dumplings and colorful Spring Festival ( the site never want / excellent recognition ) and so on. D. ” March” Women’s Day : according to the standard payment welfare goods for women employees. E. In order to enrich their spare time to organize a variety of monthly activities and a reward employees 4 Working Environment Companies humane management , for staff to create a relaxed working environment and living environment. We have the industry’s most acoustically clean production sites and regular employees will undergo a medical examination every year , and the company dormitory resident medical staff , for staff to build a comprehensive mental health service platform. 5 holiday packages : We enjoy accordance with state regulations : leave , sick leave, marriage leave , bereavement leave , annual leave , maternity leave , injury leave , statutory holidays leave, nursing leave, etc. , vacation packages according to national regulations. 6. Settled policy Where in the company’s services for one year , they can apply to settle in accordance with the company settled system. 7 expatriate training Because of their work , or outstanding performance , may participate in outside training or outdoor development , or even go abroad for training.