Job Openings

Electronics Engineer/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Overall evaluation and pre-research for Bluetooth headset solution Responsible for the PCB design of new Bluetooth headsets, and independently complete the schematic, layout, debugging and etc Review the electronic circuit of headset. Reliability verification that related to electronics, such as circuit testing report, electrostatic debugging and etc Responsible for the collection, summary and filing of the product technical documents, establishing correct BOM, SOP, sample approval data, etc Cooperate with Mechanical Engineer to finish the development and design of the whole product Job Qualification: Proficient in Qualcomm/BES/Airoha and other solution platforms Associate degree or above, more than three years of Bluetooth headset or mobile phone hardware design experience Proficient in Bluetooth chips such as Qualcomm/BES/ Airoha, with working experience in TWS noise reduction is preferred Familiar with the Bluetooth headset hardware design, can independently complete the schematic, PCB layout, debugging, antenna and RF circuit design Proficiency in testing equipment such as oscilloscope/network analyzer/spectrum analyzer/logic analyzer Bluetooth Software Engineer/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Responsible for the software development of Bluetooth headsets and speaker Responsible for software evaluation Output related documents of software development Job Qualification: Associate degree or above At least 3 years of experience in software development of Bluetooth products Familiar with Bluetooth software development platform such as CSR/Qualcomm is preferred Good knowledge of Bluetooth protocol Experience in DSP transplantation of CSR/Qualcomm platform is preferred Hardware System Architect/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Responsible for the overall technical planning of product hardware, leading system solution architecture configuration, control and integration of hardware core technology innovation trends Responsible for the hardware technical solutions. Dig into the supplier’s R&D end, audit and monitor the design process, and judge the design matching and quality risks in advance Responsible for the overall hardware solution, component selection, schematic and PCB design, hardware testing plan development, testing results analysis and technical issue fixed Tracking hardware development and solving related technical issues Provide solutions and measures to improve the quality and reduce the cost of hardware product Responsible for customer satisfaction of hardware Job Qualification: More than 5 years of experience in the design of the main board or overall system of Bluetooth TWS headset, and more than 2 years of product planning and project management Familiar with the differences of various Bluetooth TWS headset solutions and the selection of related components Proficiency in testing equipment such as oscilloscope, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer and etc Strong customer service awareness, systematic and product thinking, great understanding and ideas for hardware innovation Software System Engineer/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Responsible for software system architecture construction and task allocation Software development of Bluetooth audio products Responsible for the technical evaluation of the software Guiding and training of newcomers and assisting of the team building Job Qualification: Familiar with the use and algorithm of common sensors of headset 2. Able to understand schematics, proficient in C programming language, and master basic programming algorithms 3. Proficient in reading English technical documents, with good programming habits and data structure ideas 4. More than 5 years working experience in Bluetooth audio or wireless products, proficient in Bluetooth software development with CSR/Qualcomm platform is preferred 5. Able to work under pressure, adapt to high-intensity and overtime work RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer/Senior Engineer Job Responsibility: Participate in the product design and solution, preliminary RF scheme evaluation of new project Assist in the layout design of the RF circuit and antenna placement Assist in the design of PCB impedance and plan RF circuit traces Complete board debugging and performance optimization of RF circuits independently Have a good coordination ability, execute verification and test plan with testers, and output professional testing report Independently guide and support the production line, including the establishment of RF test plan and standard, the optimization of the RF yield and analysis of poor-RF products Responsible for the RF part of the product EMI and EMC wireless certification and the solution of related RF issues Job Qualification: Associate degree or above, major in electromagnetic field and microwave/electronic engineering/communication engineering. More than 3 years antenna debugging experience in antenna company or headset company, with TWS earphone antenna experience is preferred Familiar with basic knowledge of wireless communication, electromagnetic fields, microwave theory and etc Proficiency in the use of spectrum analyzer and network analyzer, as well as common RF equipment Familiar with the use of microwave simulation software ADS/HFSS for the antenna design simulation Good English reading and writing capability Strong responsibility, with professionalism and teamwork spirit Project Engineer/Senior Engineer Job Responsibility: Overall planning and management from RFP to MP of new projects Lead the team to promote the development and design of new projects Coordination within the project team and other departments to ensure that the project is on schedule Job Qualification: Associate degree or above, proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing (direct communication with customers) More than five years of work experience in project management of electronic product, and experience in acoustic projects such as headset and speaker is preferred Familiar with project management tools, methods and processes. Have a clear mind in project management Proficient in quotation of new products, schedule and material planning, procedure modification and etc. Have basic knowledge of reliability test, safety and environmental compliance, mechanical processing, circuit, software, packaging and acoustics. Ability to identify responsibility for technical problems Strong communication and coordination skills. Ability to deal with interpersonal relationships, and work under pressure Acoustic Engineer/Senior Engineer Job Responsibility: Responsible for the acoustic design of the headset system and the selection of acoustic components to ensure the realization of the target acoustic performance Provide reasonable suggestions for the design of electronics and mechanics based on acoustic requirements to guarantee the realization of performance Cooperate with software engineers and use corresponding platform tools to tune ANC, Bluetooth/TWS headset and products with other DSP functions Follow up product development, solve the acoustic issues from prototype and trial production to mass production Develop and confirm various acoustic related technical documents Job Qualification: Associate degree or above, engaged in headset acoustic system design for more than 5 years, and has a deep understanding of drivers and microphones. Have a deep understanding of electronics and mechanics, familiar with commonly used ANC, Bluetooth, DSP processing chips and their debugging tools, proficient in the impact of mechanical design on acoustics Ability to use B&K, SOUNDCHECK, AP and etc, good understanding of its testing principles and headset testing requirements Familiar with acoustic simulation tools. Basic English reading and writing capability Mechanical Engineer/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Product 3D mechanical design, communicate with customers on mechanical issues Responsible for sending out mechanical drawings and communicating with suppliers about the tooling feasibility Assist project manager to make preliminary quotation for mechanical parts Follow up on product assembly issues in trial production and mass production Job Qualification: Associate degree or above. Familiar with pro-e software At least 3 years of mechanical design experience (with experience in mechanical design of headset is preferred) Familiar with the development process, good understanding in the plastic tooling Familiar with the features of common plastics, metals and surface treatments Good English reading and writing capability Software Testing Engineer/Senior Engineer: Job Responsibility: Develop software testing process and testing case plan Find and control bug in software programs Responsible for product compatibility test and bug list management Perform product white and black box functional test Job Qualification: Proficiency in English reading and writing Experience in software testing of electronic products such as headset, speaker, and TWS Bluetooth product is preferred