The awards ceremony for role models of “Six Principles” practice

As the learning and practice of “Kazuo Inamori’s Philosophy”, more and more colleagues are influenced by the spirit of “Kazuo Inamori Philosophy”. In order to encourage them and develop the cultural circumstance of “Kazuo Inamori Philosophy”, each department elects six role models of “Six Principles” practice . In July 1st, the company holds big awards ceremony for them. The major guests are senior leaders of company, Chairman Wang also took time out from her busy schedule and praise these outstanding models. At the beginning of the ceremony, the PPT of our active practice of “Kazuo Inamori Philosophy” impressed everyone. On the screen, we study together, we go to visit the nursing home, orphanage, we donate blood, and clothes, etc. We can feel love and warmth from our smiling faces and the spirit of selfless contribution and perseverance. Afterwards, Chairman Wang awarded the certificates of honor to the models and take photos with them. She said: our company is far away from the city center, many colleagues may think that they lack a lot of things such as neon lights, Starbucks, western restaurants. These are all outward objects. We need to build our inner heart. Sports, fitness, shoot, music, literature, calligraphy, when you begin to like them and make a plan, and have an active attitude towards life, you will find your life is very careful no matter where you live.