C to A Cable

C to A Cable Stereo Communications Headset

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Description USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Standard-A Cable and Adapter  (CA2-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C04-100A) L=1M (CA3G2-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C05-100A) L=1M ( CAR3 G1-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C12-015A)L=0.15M
C to A Cable Feature USB3.1 Gen 1(5Gbit/s) and Gen 2(10Gbit/s) with higher data rate roadmap Standard 3A current rating PD 5A current rating option One cable with power charging, data transfer, DP video and audio capability
Applications Storage (Personal Cloud, Network-Attached Storage) Smartphone Tablet Notebook (Laptops) Hybrid-Detachable (NB-Tablets) Docking Peripherals (Monitor/Display, Projector…) Automotive Infotainment Home Entertainment
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