MOBILE PHONE speaker (YD1612-N04)

YD1612-N04 Stereo Communications Headset

product performance

Type MOBILE PHONE speaker
Speaker Impedance 4Ω± 15% (AT  1.2kHz  1.0 V)
SPL 88± 3 dB SPL AT 1W/0.1m (AVERAGE 800 1KHZ 1.2KHZ 1.5K HZ)0dB=20upa  INPUT  VOLTAGE:2.0V
YD1612-N04 THD The harmonic distortion shall be 1KHZ<10%   input 2V
Frequency Response Range 520~20kHz
Input Power (Norm/Max) 0.8W / 1 W
Operation Sine wave:   1.8V   Frequency  Range:520  to 20KHz
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